Help us purchase a new horse! Our herd is aging and nearing retirement; we are eager to start working with new suitable horses to integrate into our specialized program.

Our horses are well cared for and never lack affection or attention.  With nearly 100 riders, 100 + volunteers and staff, they are loved on all day long and live a well balanced life of work and down time.  We currently have a wonderful mix of ponies and horses, but it is an aging herd of geldings and mares and they all deserve a chance to retire while they are still able to enjoy life comfortably.  One by one, we hope to make that happen.

The benefits of Therapeutic Riding include: increased confidence, social skill building, a chance to build a human/animal bond, normalization of muscle tone, improved balance, increased core strength and so much more. The best part, is that the horses distract their riders from even realizing that they are indeed, in a therapy session.  The riders always leave with a huge smile and warm heart at the end of each ride.

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July 5, 2017-11

Photo Credit: Anita Bonnarens Photography

About nftrarides

North Fraser Therapeutic Riding Association (NFTRA) is a non-profit, charitable organization that provides safe, professional therapeutic equine activities enriching the lives of physically, emotionally and developmentally challenged individuals through social, recreational and national competitive riding programs" We offer a selection of therapeutic riding courses for individuals with disablilities living in the lower mainland of British Columbia, Canada.
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