Our Horses

Each of our horses provides about 320 hours of therapy under saddle during the course of a year. Each also provides countless hours of pleasure to our volunteers, riders and parents who enjoy their company and their unique personalities.

Our therapy horses are chosen for their quiet and generous personalities and their smooth and therapeutic gaits. They are intuitive, nurturing and each equine therapist is very special to all involved the program. Most have lived active and productive lives before joining the therapy program.

We currently have ten fantastic therapy horses:

Buck  | Rupert | Orion | Teddy | Finn| Joy | Gypsy | Inga

Buck & Rupert – They’re almost as wide as they are tall! These Fjords are strong, gentle in nature, and willing work horses. They are under 14HH which makes them ideal Therapeutic Equine Therapists. In order to tell one from the other, Rupert has been given a Mullet Mane hair cut and Buck has a mane hair cut that looks like a piano keyboard. Buck & Rupert are in their 20s and very much enjoy each other’s company.

Rupert is sponsored by BCTRA & Payment Source
Buck is sponsored By Explorer Software Inc

Teddy Bear – (Teddy) We just can’t seem to have too many of these Fjords. Soon we’ll have enough for our own drill team! Teddy is a 13.1HH Welsh/Fjord Gelding born in 1997 whom we purchased in November 2003. PC: Jade Stone Photography

Sponsored by Rotary Club of Haney

Finn – A 14.2hh Andalusian/Paint gelding, born in 2003. He’s a lovely horse for our independent riders, as he takes very good care of them. We are grateful to free lease Finn. PC: Jade Stone Photography

Proudly Sponsored by Helen Dickie

Almond Joy – Joy is a 12.1hh Welsh pony mare, born in 1998 whom we purchased in 2015. She’s a wonderful dependable pony loved by many of our riders. She is trained to ride & drive, a pony of many talents. PC: Jade Stone Photography.


Partially Sponsored By: Northern Lights Learning Center

Gypsy – A lovable, kind hearted and unflappable German Riding Pony with an extensive dressage background. Proudly owned by Meaghan Holmes and free leased to NFTRA.

Proudly Sponsored by the IODE Dewdney Chapter

Inga – Another Norwegian Fjord! She arrived at NFTRA in November 2018, and we are delighted to have her. She is a female version of Rupert, with the same kind manner and gentleness about her. She adores attention.

Sponsored by N.W. & L G. Rayner

We are always looking for new herd members

NFTRA Therapy Horse Criteria:

  • Preferably 7-18 years of age
  • Gelding or mare
  • 13hh-15hh
  • Show or pony club experience preferred. With our limited time & resources, we do not have the ability to train a horse from the ground up, we will only provide training specific to therapeutic needs
  • Comfortable in arena and on trail
  • Have current veterinary records available
  • Be up-to-date on all vaccines and worming
  • Serviceable sound
  • Have been shod or trimmed ten (10) days prior or less
  • Displays even temperament and predictability
  • Can be ridden and led with people on both sides
  • Obeys voice commands in all gaits
  • Lunges through all gaits going both directions
  • Is able to accept strange noises on and around them
  • Performs smooth transitions being led, lunged and ridden
  • Accepts special therapy equipment
  • Can work independently with riders, as well as with assistance
  • Respects people on ground around them

We cannot accept horses that have chronic health issues such as hock problems, back pain, loss of vision, etc. or behaviors that bear a potential danger to our program.

NFTRA’s Vision is a respectful workplace for all members at our facility. This included horses, riders, volunteers, staff AND our environment. Thank-you for trusting us with your beloved herd member

If you have a suitable horse please contact our Program Manager
instructors@nftra.ca or 604-462-7786 Click here to see how a horse joins our herd.