Our Program

NFTRA conducts 4 riding sessions of approximately 8-13 weeks each in the fall, winter and spring & summer.

The NFTRA riding program is an extremely beneficial curriculum that helps the riders on many levels from physical to psychological. The joy of interacting with and riding the horses brings a tremendous amount of joy to all involved.

Some of the benefits include:

•  Improvement in balance
•  Development of coordination
•  Strengthening of muscle tone
•  Improvement of attention span
•  Social integration
•  Increased confidence and self-esteem
•  Access to recreation, sport and competition

For many of our riders the act of riding the horse provides a very positive effect on the spine and as a result the posture. For the both the young and young at heart the NFTRA riding program offers a unique opportunity to enjoy life a little more.

Our Application Process